How to use the Elimu Bulk SMS Service
You may follow the steps below:

Step 1: Request for credits for your school sms account through our telephone numbers or email and give us your contact details eg official school telephone number or email address.
Step 2: Make payment via:
TILL No.: 323253
Step 3: You will receive a confirmation of your funds reception and an active username & password for your school sms account.
Step 4: Prepare the numbers you want to receive the message.
The numbers should be in the international format as follows: 254712345678
DO NOT include a plus (+) at the start of the number but include only the country code
Put all the numbers in separate lines i.e. every number should take its own line
Step 5: 
Enter your Username
Enter your Password
Click on Login  
You are now logged in
Step 6: Click on the Bulk SMS link (this option must be selected to send Bulk SMS).
On the 'Recipients Numbers' text area: type or copy and paste the numbers prepared in Step 4.
On the 'Sender ID' select from the dropdown list.
Type your message on the 'Message' area with the normal 160 characters per SMS.
Click 'Send'
An indicator will show as your messages are sent. You will then get a confirmation that your smses have been successfully sent.
For questions or clarifications, Please Contact us.
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